How we collaborate under common ideologies and that education can help in cementing the cracks of culture war.

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Why we need a unifying ideology

In Joe Biden’s inauguration speech the focus and theme was that of most which preceded his. Unity, commonality, a need for compassion and empathy for one another after one of the most bitterly divided elections of all time.

Most of us felt like we were in an apocalyptic living history when Congress was raided and a lot of people praised Biden’s speech and even Arnold the ‘Governator’ Shwazenegger was a celebrated sermon in a moment of darkness. …

In the eye of the storm under Covid the world needs more compassion. Can an exploration of religion be a gateway to compel us to kindness?

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In the aftermath of the 2020 election America is still reeling in division. People waiting anxiously to see whether Trump will rightly concede the White House to Biden in order to calm the ‘Culture War’ that has been ripping the country apart. Many believe that the damage has already been done and that there is no band aid to bring Americans together and mend social cohesion.

Kanye West, in his failed campaign, identified a possible band aid in his first policy, by restoring faith and bringing back prayer into the classroom. An act which was banned in 1962 as an…

How colleges and universities limit social mobility in the 21st century and the dangers of it’s exclusivity.

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If I told you $1.5 trillion dollars you would probably think that I am talking about the GDP of countries. In fact, if you put this figure into a table of the top national economies it would be placed 12th. Just below South Korea and above Spain.

In its global dominance throughout the decades it took Apple until 2018 to reach the trillion landmark. This is a number that moves nations and creates historical placements of people yet it belongs to one country and it is the debt of American education.

This debt was created due to the priority and…

How people are losing focus and attention in today’s world and what it means for students and learning.

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Have you ever looked at a menu with what seems a million different items? You question the validity of the restaurant, the competency of it’s staff and it’s effectiveness in sustaining the quality of each dish. As the waiter comes closer, the anxiety of making a choice weighs on your mind. You are resentful to the waiter for giving you unwanted pressure and you feel like giving up and walking out.

Watching ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ with Gordon Ramsey a common solution he implements into these bloated restaurants is to simplify the menu and limit the choice so that quality prioritises quantity…

How true learning can promote happiness and longevity of the mind

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As an educator I would answer this question with a definitive yes, do I practise it is another question. However, I do believe that learning can reap priceless jewels that you thought you would never attain. Being curious, I have discussed this question plenty of times with my students. Their first initial reaction was to coil up against the rhetoric they receive that learning is important and to turn their back at school is to turn their back at learning. Yet, if the only person who can tell you…

Under COVID 19 schools have had to depend on technology but after students return how should schools best implement technology in the classroom.

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With 2020 looking like a bad Black Mirror episode the opportunities for Generation Zs work and academic progress seem bleak. Before this crisis they were the most likely to pursue higher education and inherit a strong economy with record-low unemployment. However, the tides have changed and although a few businesses may be blossoming, most are buckling under the weight of a looming economic crisis which is bleeding the future of the new generation as many wait at home stressed and ridden with anxiety.

Another characteristic of Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012) is that they are referred to as…

Creativity is the most important soft skill to have for employers but does education teach students to conform?

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Under the clouds of Covid 19 we are waiting in haste to see what brave new world awaits us when the global emergency state starts to recede. If anything, this global pandemic has thrown us into 2020 and the world of tomorrow with modernization being forced onto us. The ‘useless class’ which economists have been predicting due to the automation of labour, has been dragged from future fables and into the present. In a cruel strike people have been made obsolete over…

Max Bembo

I am a teacher and part time musician and writer. I believe that education is the catalyst for change but first it needs to adapt to the 21st century.

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